A Room Where It Always Rains

The arrangement of these immobile bronze figures
by Juan Muñoz substantiates the leap from one
perspective to another. The gaps, with rigor,
insist that where we stand is exactly the same
as the distance we stand apart. But who’s to blame?
Ideology demands a certain vigor,
a motion outside the cage that cannot enter,
the blurred colorful figures of faceless stragglers.
Now look at the dead soggy leaves lumped in center.
Some say it’s the privilege that’s lost and some the will
to come and go as you please. Sometimes, the truth spills
over, so very much so. It’s absurd to deny,
yet we do with increasingly perilous lies.

Mikipons / CC BY-SA 3.0 ES
E.mil.mil / CC BY-SA 3.0 ES