The Tantalizing Temptation of $$ (or How Capitalism Corrupts)

kept a ledger / until I didn’t anymore / didn’t think it mattered / to know exactly/ what I had in store/ because every good that disappeared / eventually was restored / and then some / very sincere men / came to my door / my capital from them had come / they wanted to know / had their loan / a modest sum / over time earned them more / I couldn’t say / without an inventory / I said let me look into that / thus my attempt / to feed the hungry / was displaced / by a very suspect chore / I closed the shop / opened the cupboards / and took stock / imagine my surprise / when I discovered / the task / that I / assumed would be a bore / was quite enlightening / I examined every corner / of every shelf / took notes / and learned to keep score / soon I was rich / and so were my friends / the capitalists / whose interest in interest / I used to abhor / now I see / they were my saviors / as for the poor / they’re still welcome to anything / they can afford.

About this poem
Someone asked, “What are trying to say in this poem?” I replied, “What do you think?”